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How to Write a School Fight Song

Write a School Fight Song

Every school needs a fight song. A fight song is usually played at sporting events and other school functions. A school fight song is a song that shows school spirit and school pride. Read on to learn how to write a school fight song.

Write the first verse of the school fight song. The first verse of the song should introduce the school, say who the school mascot is, mention the school colors, and it should be something lively and bright.

Compose the second verse to be cheery. It should contain words of encouragement and motivation and should be geared towards "fighting" to win. It should make the students want to be successful.

Develop the third verse of the fight song positively. It should contain some positive words about the school and the students. The positive words can describe some of the school's achievements.

Choose the best ending. The final verse should wish the school and team good luck or congratulations in their victory. It should be a lively and a positive ending.

Mention the school name in the final verse of your fight song.

Decide on a tune or music for the song. It should be easy to learn and remember.


Be cheerful and supportive of the school. It can also be slightly disparaging of other schools, and make the singers feel as if their school is the best there is. Write the music so that it is lively and fun to sing. Words should rhyme as much as possible.


  • Don't use negative terms or say bad things about other schools or teams.
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