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Telling the Truth Games & Activities

Games keep preteens active and prevent boredom.
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Intimacy is a vital facet of relating with one another. An interesting way to stir up the closeness quotient is by playing "telling the truth" games. These games can be altered to suit all age groups. Most of them are group games that require three or more players.

Spin the Bottle

This is a game for older kids, teens and adults and is also known as "Truth or Dare." The players sit in a circle and one person spins a bottle. When the bottle stops spinning, the person its mouth points out to asks a question to the person who the other side of the bottle points to. Ask "truth or dare?" If the queried player answers "truth," he would have to answer a question that is posed by the questioning player. If the player chooses "dare," the queried player would have to perform a dare that is asked.

Two Truths and a Lie

This is an icebreaker game that lets people get to know each other. Each player is given paper and a pen to write two truths and a lie about herself. The goal is for each player to convince others that her lie is a truth and to guess the other players' lie. Allocate 5 minutes for players to jot down their truths and lie. Then, allow them to casually chat for 10 minutes and get to know each others. Gather together in a circle and ask each of them to read their statements again. Stop to take a vote for each statement and allow the person to reveal the lie.

Truth Be Told

This is a board game that three to eight players can play. One of the players would act as the host and play a question card, such as, "Truth Be Told, my favorite vacation destination is ....". The host writes her answer and all the players write what they think the host's answer is on a piece of paper. The papers are shuffled and the host reads out all the answers. Players try to guess the right answer to score points. The player who wrote the same answer as the host, wins a point. However, bluff answers are also awarded a point. A player gets a point for every vote his answer gets. The players get to play host in a sequential order. Scores are recorded after each round. The one with the most points at the end of the game wins.

The Moment of Truth

You can now play "The Moment of Truth," which started as a TV game show, at home. The game is best played with three to six players. The host asks the questions and a contestant answers. The other players act like a panel of judges to determine if the contestant is telling the truth or lying. The game comes with 100 cards that include questions. As the contestant tells the truth, he moves up on the money bracket. In addition to the panel of judges, the board game comes with its own biometric lie detector that measures heart rate and body temperature to decide whether the contestant is lying or telling the truth.

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