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How to Play Fact or Crap

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Fact or Crap is an entertaining trivia game. The object is to decide whether something read to you is true or false. The game has lots of pieces and may appear intimidating at first, but it's a really easy game to learn and play.

Shuffle the question cards and rush hour cards into one deck. Put the deck and the timer in the center of the table. Give each player a "fact" answer card, a "crap" answer card, and eight tokens.

Start playing. The owner of the game goes first as the reader. The reader reads three questions, then someone else takes a turn.

Read a question, if you're the reader. Each of the other players puts an answer card (either "fact" or "crap") face down on the table. The reader decides who was first to put a card down, then everyone flips over the cards. Everyone who gets the right answer gets one token, while all those who get it wrong have to put a token back in the pile. The first to put a card down gets two tokens-if she gets the right answer.

Draw a rush hour card. When a reader draws a rush hour card, he gets to decide who will answer the questions. The timer is set and the reader reads, then the person selected answers, as many questions as possible until the timer runs out. The person answering gets one token from the pile in the middle for every right answer. The reader gets a token from the pile in the middle for every wrong answer. No one loses tokens in rush hour.

Try not to lose all your tokens. If a player loses all his tokens, he can't play anymore. He's out. If all but one player lose their tokens, the remaining player wins.

Win the game! When all the tokens are gone from the pile in the middle, the player with the most tokens wins.

Things You'll Need:

  • 1 Fact or Crap game
  • 3-8 players


You can, if you like, replace the answer cards with the signs included in the game. You play the game the same way except that each person holds up a sign instead of putting down a card.

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