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Instructions for the Quarter & Dice Game

You can make your party fun and exciting with only quarters and dice.
dice image by Alison Bowden from Fotolia.com

At some point, you may have seen or heard of a rollicking party game that uses dice and quarters. This game is Hobin’s Dice, and the rush of passing money and the chaotic pace of the game will make your party a memorable event. You can learn Hobin’s Dice and teach it to others easily and have a blast playing it among large groups.

Gather all the players around the table. The area in the middle of the table is the pot.

Set six quarters in front of each player.

Choose a starting player randomly. You can use any method you want, but a simple method is to have each player roll one of the six dice and have the highest roll start. If two players tie for the highest roll, have them roll again until there is a single high roller.

Have the starting player roll the six dice. For each 4 that appears on the dice, that player puts one quarter into the pot. For each 5 that appears, that player passes one quarter to the player to her left. For each 6 that appears, that player passes one quarter to the player to her right. For each 1, 2 or 3 that appears, that player gets a pass and does nothing.

Repeat this process with the next player, moving clockwise around the table. If a player has less than 6 quarters, he only rolls that number of dice. If a player has more than 6 quarters, he still only rolls 6 dice. If a player has no quarters, he rolls no dice. He is, however, still in the game, as other players may pass him quarters on their turns.

Move around the circle until only one player has any quarters remaining. That player wins the game and keeps all the quarters in the pot.

Things You'll Need:

  • 6 quarters for each player
  • 6 dice
  • Playing table


Games of Hobin’s Dice typically have each player contribute his or her own stake. If you choose to do this, ask players to bring 6 quarters to the party beforehand. This will add a fun element of surprise for players who don’t already know Hobin’s Dice.

Bring extra quarters if you intend to play Hobin’s Dice at a party in case another player who didn’t bring quarters wants to join.

You can substitute dollars, pieces of candy or any other token for quarters if you want. Choose something that will ensure a fun and casual game for the whole group.

You can change the number of dice and quarters. More dice will mean a faster game. More quarters will mean a longer game with higher stakes.

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