How to Wrap Guitar Cables

If you're a musician who plays for audiences, you probably have the task of setting up and tearing down your gear (unless you're fortunate enough to hire someone else to do it). If you have guitars in your band, you will need to disconnect the guitars from their cables and store both the instruments and the cords properly. The first step to storing a guitar cord properly is to wrap it correctly. Wrapping the cord in the correct manner keeps it from being damaged and makes it easy for you to retrieve for the next performance.

Grasp one end of the cord with your left hand. Hold the end of the cord so that it is facing outward, away from your body.

Grasp the cord with your right hand, palm facing downward. Grasp the cord about a foot down from where you are holding it in your left hand.

Move your right hand upward and outward in a circular motion so that you loop the cord back around to your left hand.

Grasp the loop with your left hand to secure it.

Grasp the cord with your right hand again, about a foot down from the loop. This time have your right palm facing downward.

Form another loop with the cord, bringing it back up to your left hand. As your right hand makes the loop, it should rotate so that the palm of your hand is facing downward as you pass the loop back to your left hand.

Continue this process of looping the cord, alternating between palm-up and palm-down with your right hand as you wrap. Do this until the entire cord is wrapped.

Secure the cord with a plastic tie or a Velcro cord wrap. Store the cord in a dry area.