How to Wrap a Wire Hanger in Yarn

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Wire hangers can look cheap hanging in your closet, but they often come home with dry-cleaned clothing. If you need the hangers to hold your clothes, but don't like the look of them, consider wrapping them in yarn. The yarn acts as a grip to hold your clothes on the hanger, and it also looks decorative in your closet. Hangers wrapped in yarn even look nice enough to give to friends or family as gifts.

Wrap your tired wire hangers.
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Things You'll Need

  • Two Wire Hangers
  • Tape
  • 2 Balls Of Yarn

Tape the wire hangers together at the bent corners and below the twisted pieces.

Gather the end of both balls of yarn and tape them to the end of the hook.

Lay one ball of yarn on either side of the hook.

Wrap one ball of yarn under the wire and bring it back through its own yarn loop.

Repeat this step with the other ball of yarn on the opposite side.

Continue alternating sides until the entire hanger is covered.

Knot the two pieces of yarn together to finish off the piece, trimming the ends.


  • You can add tassels, if you like, to hang down from the hook. This adds a bit more visual interest.

    Use two different complementary colors of yarn for a more interesting look.