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How to Make a Fake Beard From Yarn

Make a fake beard out of colored yarn and some clear tape.
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Halloween costumes or dress-up events often call for unique and creative costume ideas. If you want to keep your costume low-cost, you can make your own beard for a fraction of what professionally designed costumes and hairpieces cost. Fake costume beards are not always easy to find, especially if you need one with a specific color and length.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • String
  • Clear Tape
  • Colored Yarn
  • Tray Or Lid

Take the tray or lid and wind the yarn tightly around the tray so that it is entirely wrapped in yarn. Wind the yarn around the tray lengthwise or around the width of the tray, depending on how long you want your beard to be.

Place a strip of tape along the edge of the tray and the yarn and secure it so that it sticks out perpendicular to the direction of the yarn.

Cut halfway through the tape and yarn lengthwise so that you have created about a quarter-inch long strip of tape that is holding the pieces of yarn together.

Measure the wearer's head using a piece of string. Add about 6 inches to this measurement.

Cut a strip of tape that is approximately 16 inches long and place it stick-side up on a flat surface. Secure the string across the center of the duct tape, ensuring that an even amount of string is hanging from both sides of the duct tape. Fold the piece of duct tape in thirds lengthwise, making sure that the string remains centered.

Tape the piece of tape that has the secured yarn horizontally in the center of the piece of duct tape that holds the string. This brings the beard tie and the yarn together so it can be tied around the head.

Trim the yarn as desired. You can trim the top center part of yarn very short to resemble a mustache.


Use different colors of yarn in your beard and trim the ends to create a triangular shape so that the beard looks more realistic.


  • Don't leave any sharp edges of the lid exposed, especially if you had to cut the lid.
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