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Yarn Games for Kids

Balls of yarn make loads of kid fun.
YARN BALLS image by brelsbil from Fotolia.com

Kids love games, and yarn makes a game that much more fun. From the simplest yarn games to more intricate games, make sure you keep yarn in a rainbow of colors for times when the kids need to be entertained. Yarn game ideas might include a simple ball of yarn game or string games such as Spider Web.

Spider Web

It's amazing what kids can do with yarn.
yarn ball image by Kathy Burns from Fotolia.com

When kids unroll a ball of yarn, they can become part of a supportive human spider web. According to the website, Youth Work Practice, one child holds a ball of yarn. He holds on to the end of the yarn and throws the ball of yarn to another child while asking a question. The question can be any question that the others can answer but may need to briefly think about. After answering the question, that child tosses the ball of yarn to another child with another question. As questions continue and the ball of yarn makes its journey around the children, the spider web forms. If an adult thinks the resulting web is safe, a small child may be able to lie down on the webbing with a spotter while the other children lift the web and the child.

The Yarn Ball Game

Use yarn to quiet children after lively learning.
Ball of yarn image by kellykramer from Fotolia.com

Teachers can use a ball of yarn to calm students after an energetic hour of learning or to settle kids at the beginning of class. The website The Gateway provides the rules. If your kids are a little too lively, employ this game to center and focus the children. Pick out a student who is sitting relatively quietly. Throw a ball of yarn to the quiet student. The student catches the ball and walks to the front of the class. The student throws the ball of yarn to another student and so on. Play mellow music during the game. You may want to write a short selection of questions on the board to help focus the students.

Name Game

Throwing a ball of yarn gets kids moving in a positive way.
knitting balls of yarn image by Jeanne Hatch from Fotolia.com

A ball of yarn has the power to bring children together. This game requires only a ball of yarn. One child stands with her back to all of the other children. Let the kids behind the lone child move around so that she doesn't know where anyone is standing. The lone kid holds a ball of multi-colored yarn. The child calls out one of the children's names as she throws the ball over her head and behind her. When a student hears his name, he tries to catch the ball. If he catches the ball, it's his turn as the lone child. If not, the first child tries again.

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