How to Use Wireless Controllers for Playstation 3

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PlayStation 3 is a gaming system offering many features that are significantly different than those of its predecessor, PlayStation 2. One of the largest technological leaps between the two systems is that PlayStation 3 uses wireless Bluetooth controllers, whereas PlayStation 2 used standard, wired controllers. For some users, this leap in technology is a bit confusing.

Ensure your PlayStation 3 is properly set up and connected to your television, and that it's functioning properly. If you can't get your PlayStation 3 to start and display its start-up graphics, something isn't hooked up right. You'll need to fix it before you can use your wireless controller.

Plug the power cord for the PS3 wireless controller into one of the USB ports on the front of the PlayStation 3.

Plug the other end of the power cord into the access port on the top of your wireless controller.

Allow the wireless controller to charge, leaving it plugged into the PlayStation 3 undisturbed for several hours to gain a full charge.

Disconnect the PS3 wireless controller from the power cord. Press the PS button to start up the PlayStation 3. The PS button is in the middle of the controller. It is clear and displays the PlayStation logo of a letter P and a letter S molded together into one shape.

Use the wireless controller to control the PlayStation 3, exactly as you would have with a corded controller for earlier PlayStations.


  • Learn how to use the SixAxis elements of your wireless controller effectively by practicing. This is a new element of control Sony has added, and it may be a bit difficult to figure out at first. Just keep at it, and you'll learn through practice. If the red LED light on the PS3 wireless controller is flashing, this means that it's low on battery charge. When this occurs, save your game, then hook the controller up to charge.


  • Charge your controllers after each use. It's frustrating to be in the middle of a difficult part of a game and suddenly have your controller's battery run out of juice, leaving you with no ability to control the system or the game until you've hooked the controller up to its power cord.