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How to Use the Provo Craft Silent Setter

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Round metal eyelets make dimensional accents and fasteners for scrapbook pages, gift tags and handmade greeting cards. Flattened eyelets can become page accents, are used to attach layers of card stock, or create a sturdy “hole” at the top of a tag to secure ribbon or string. “Setting” an eyelet typically requires a loud tap of a hammer to split and flatten the back. Created by Provo Craft, the Silent Setter—also known as the Zision Silent Setter—simplifies the process by creating a hole and setting the eyelet with a twist of the manually operated tool.

Things You'll Need:

  • Silent Setter Setting Tip
  • Eyelet
  • Card Stock Or Decorative Paper
  • Self-Healing Cutting Mat
  • Silent Setter Handle And Punching Tip

Protect your work surface by placing a self-healing cutting mat on top of the table.

Place the card stock or decorative paper that you want to embellish with an eyelet on top of the self-healing mat. If you’re using the eyelet to attach two pieces of card stock, position the pieces as you want them to appear and place the stack atop the self-healing mat.

Attach a black punching tip to the Silent Setter’s magnetic handle. Select the medium or “standard” size if you’ll be affixing a 1/8-inch eyelet, the small or “micro” tip if you’re setting a smaller eyelet, or the “large” tip if you’re using an eyelet larger than 1/8 inch.

Hold the handle of the eyelet setter in your dominant hand, and press the card stock down against the self-healing mat with the other hand.

Position the tip of the punch in the desired spot and hold the Silent Setter perpendicular to the paper. Press the tool against the card stock, and twist the setter’s handle as if it’s a doorknob and you’re opening a door. Lift the tool to reveal a clean hole in the card stock.

Push an eyelet through the hole so the smooth, large side of the eyelet rests on the front of the card stock. Flip the card stock and eyelet face down on the self-healing mat.

Affix a silver setting tip to the magnetic handle. Select the tip size that coordinates with the size of the punching tip you used—if you used the medium or “standard” tip to punch the hole, for example, use the medium setting tip.

Place the tip of the setting tool in the center of the eyelet. Hold the tool perpendicular to the paper, press the tool down and twist the handle. The setting tip will split the back of the eyelet and flatten it against the card stock.


When trying to determine the size of the punching and setting tips, consult the product packaging or the website description when you buy the eyelets.

A small, self-healing cutting mat comes with the Silent Setter kit. If you want a larger mat, buy one at a scrapbooking or sewing shop.

The Provo Craft Silent Setter works best with lightweight eyelets. If you can’t find Provo Craft Zision Eyelets designed to work with the setter, ask for aluminum eyelets at a scrapbooking or craft store.


  • Do not use the Silent Setter without a self-healing cutting mat. The punching tool will etch the surface of your table.
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