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How to Use FM Tuners at Drive-In Theaters

It's not uncommon now for drive-in movie theaters to transmit the movie audio over an FM radio station. FM radio transmitters can broadcast the soundtrack for a film over an FM frequency, allowing all FM tuners within a short distance to play back the audio on their radio. Determine the appropriate FM frequency to tune to by asking an employee or calling the drive-in theater ahead of time.

Turn your car key to the run position. All car lights, both indoors and outdoors, should be off so you don't disturb other drive-in theater patrons.

Turn on the FM tuner. If your car has a combination FM/AM tuner, select the FM dial.

Tune the radio to the FM station through which the drive-in theater is broadcasting. Drive-in theater FM transmitters are generally weak, so precise tuning is required. Adjust the volume as desired.


Set the FM station as a preset if you frequent the drive-in theater.

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