How to Adjust a Throttle Limiter on a Yamaha PW 50

The Yamaha PW 50 is equipped with both a throttle limiter and a power reduction plate. These devices will limit the speed and the power of the bike so that parents can monitor their child's riding ability and increase the power available as the child's skill level increases. Adjusting the throttle limiter is a simple process requiring no tools and can be completed in minutes.

Locate the throttle limiter underneath the front brake lever on the right handlebar of the bike. The throttle limiter is a small screw which prevents the throttle from fully opening.

Loosen the locknut. The locknut is located at the base of the screw, closest to the bike. This locknut must be loosened before you can adjust the throttle limiter.

Adjust the throttle limiter by turning the screw. In order to increase the power and speed of the bike turn the screw to the left. Turning the screw to the right will decrease the power and speed of the bike.

Tighten the locknut back up to keep the screw securely in place.


  • The throttle limiter screw should not be adjusted out more than .28 inches. If more speed and power are required when the throttle limiter screw is at this point, the power reduction plate should be removed.


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