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How to Put in the Wrist Support on Pro Diablo Slingshot

The Barnett Crossbows Pro Diablo Slingshot features an ergonomic rubber grip, adjustable aiming sight, “Magnum” power band, stabilizing weight system and a removable wrist support. The Pro Diablo also includes ammunition for target practice purposes. The supplied wrist support may help reduce the occurrence of muscle strain and promote a steady aim, when arming the slingshot. Because the Pro Diablo slingshot ships unassembled, you must install the wrist support yourself. Installing the wrist support is an easy task that takes a couple minutes to complete.

Remove the two screws that secure the top cover plate, using a large Phillips screwdriver.

Lift the top cover plate from the grip.

Attach the ends of the curved wrist support rods to the black plastic wrist brace. Make sure the raised lettering printed on the plastic wrist brace faces up, with the curved support rods parallel to each other.

Insert the remaining ends of the support rods into the corresponding hole mounts, located at the rear of the grip.

Secure the top plate to the upper portion of the grip. Replace the screws to finish the installation process.

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