How to Use a Boss RC-2 Loop Station

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The Boss RC-2 Loop Station is a very practical pedal for any guitar player. It has a variety of features that make it ideal for practicing and live performances. It is possible to record a loop that is 16 minutes in length. It is also possible to add multiple guitars to one loop. An additional feature is a drum machine that provides numerous drum tracks. This RC-2 provides you with a virtual band to practice with in your own home.

Connect the RC-2 Loop Station to your guitar and amplifier. The RC-2 works like any other guitar pedal. Simply plug a guitar cable into the output jack of the Loop Station and plug the other end of the cable into your guitar. Plug another guitar cable into the input jack of the Loop Station and plug the other end of the cable into the input jack of the amplifier.

Experiment with the controls. The RC-2 is simple to use. There are three knobs: a Level knob, a Phrase Select knob and a Mode knob. Turn the Level knob to adjust the volume of the affect. The Phrase Select knob makes it possible to store 11 different tracks. The Mode knob calls up different drum tracks and allows you to adjust the tempo. Play your guitar and step on the pedal to begin recording. Step on the pedal again to stop recording. The loop you recorded will continue to play. Play along with the recording. Step on the pedal again to record another part in sync with the first recording. Step on the pedal and hold it down to delete the loop.

Practice scales and guitar solos. The RC-2 records a 16-minute loop along with a drum track. This makes it an ideal practice tool. Record the rhythm part of a song that you are working on or simply record a series of complicated chords changes that you want to solo over. Store the loop in the memory. The Phrase Select button makes it possible to store 11 different loops. Retrieve the loop simply by turning the Phrase Select knob to the desired number.

Use the RC-2 as a songwriting device. Use the Loop Station to record and save your songwriting ideas. The memory and multi-tracking functions makes it possible to go back to your ideas and add to them. Work out arrangements for your songs by adding several different guitar parts to the same track.

Accompany yourself in live performances. Once you develop a facility and feel for the Loop Station, it is possible to loop different guitar parts in a live performance. This makes it possible for you to sound like several guitarists instead of one. Lay down a rhythm track on guitar. Allow the rhythm track to play. Plug in a different guitar, or a bass guitar, and play along.