How to Turn Your Ankle-Strap Sandals Into Lace-Up Sandals

If there's a shoe trend that keeps getting stronger season after season, it is definitely the lace-up sandal one. From flats to heels, lace-up details keep making their appearance on just about every shoe style out there. They are the perfect update to classic styles and an easy way to give your outfits a modern look. So, if you want to give the trend a try but don't feel like fully committing to it, here's a simple way to hack your sandals and give them a fresh, fun, and on-trend look for little time, cost and effort!

This DIY won't take you more than 10 minutes, yet it really takes your classic sandals up a notch, and with different ways to tie them you'll maximize their wearability.


If you want to make knee-high lace-ups, then you'll probably need double the length of leather string.

Glue the tassels onto both ends of each string.

Fold each string in half and hold the loop over the strap of the sandal.

Loop the string under the strap and secure it tightly.

Remove the ankle strap and insert each end of the leather through the sandal's loop in opposite directions. If you find that the tassels are too big, hold one while you insert the other.

Tie your straps with a bow or knot at the front or back of your ankle.

For a different lace-up style, take the strings under the sandals and criss-cross them on the top of your foot, as pictured below.

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