How to Tie Off the Thread

How to Tie Off the Thread. Often the hardest part of hemming pants is finishing the job. The final step of the project is tying off the thread. The main thing to remember when tying the thread is to make sure it is tight enough so it will not unravel. This may require several tries to be sure it is secure.

Hem the pants and be sure your stitches don't show on the outside. When you have completed this, you are ready to tie off the thread.

Make a stitch, only this time just stitch the inside part of the pants. You don't want the knot to show on the outside, and if you make it too lumpy, it will show.

Thread your needle through the loop you have made. This stitch should only be on the material that is on the inside.

Pull your needle through and pull tight. This will create a knot that ties off the thread. You need to do this several time in order to make sure your work is secure.

Use the stitches you have already made and pull your needle through one of them at a time. As you pull your needle through, you will create a loop. Pass your needle through the loop and pull tight and this will make a knot tying off the thread. This is an alternative to making new stitches to tie your thread.

Continue tying off your thread by either using the stitches you have already made or by using new stitches until the thread is secure and won't unravel.


The most important thing to remember when tying off the thread is to make sure the work doesn't show on the outside. Remember to cut your thread as close to the material as you can so you don't have any dangling threads later.

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