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How to Tell if a PSP Charger or Battery Is Messed Up

Test the PSP's charger or battery.
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If you suspect that either your PSP charger or your battery isn't working, you're likely to be having problems charging the unit. This is often the first sign of problems, but a failure to charge can also be down to your WLAN setting. If you are having problems, check your settings and then test your current charger and battery as these are the easiest fixes. If they work okay, you may need to have the console checked out for problems or damage.

Things You'll Need:

  • Spare Battery
  • Spare Charger
  • Psp
  • Charger

Check the charger and the power cord for any obvious signs of damage. Plug another electronic device into the electrical outlet you've been using to make sure it works.

Turn on the PSP. Make sure that the power switch is not down in the Hold position. If it is, turn it off. Make sure that the WLAN setting is turned off. You cannot charge the console while WLAN is on. Check that the backlight is on. If it isn't, press any button to turn it on.

Plug the charger into the PSP and into the outlet. If the orange light appears, the charger is working. If the light doesn't come on, disconnect the charger.

Take the battery out of the PSP and plug the charger in. If the console works, the charger is fine and you need a new battery. If it doesn't, you need to replace the charger or try a new one to eliminate problems with the PSP. If a new charger won't power the console when the battery is out, you may have a console problem.

Borrow a battery and/or a charger if you want to double check what isn't working. If a new battery works with your own charger, you know that your battery is at fault. If a new charger works with your battery, you need to replace your charger.


You can also test your battery and charger on another PSP if you can borrow one.

You can also set your PSP to charge by USB. This is an alternative way of checking the battery and the console.

If both your battery and charger work, you may need to get your PSP serviced and repaired. Consoles can become "bricked" and will not work if the operating system was corrupted during a failed upgrade or if you have not installed some software correctly.


  • Sony recommends that you only use authorized peripherals, updates and downloads on a PSP. Unauthorized products may damage the console and will void your warranty.
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