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How to Submit an Idea to "Mythbusters"

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As a Discovery Channel favorite, "Mythbusters" welcomes your ideas and has set up several ways for you to submit a myth you would like tested. If you have access to a computer, hop on it to compose the perfect email that will get the attention of the show's creators and producers. When you submit a myth idea, it becomes the property of the show.

The "Mythbusters" Database

The Discovery Channel maintains a list of ideas already tested on the program. Before submitting an idea, find out whether your idea has been done before on the show. Pull up the "Mythbusters" database on the channel's website and either read through all of the entries or use the search box in the upper-right hand corner to search the database (see Resources).

Submit Via Email

In the subject header of your email, write the name of your myth. In the body of the email, write out your myth as a yes-no or true-false question. Provide a reference to the origination of the myth. This reference can be a movie, a book, a news story or another website. Send your email to [email protected].

Website Submissions

Submitting a myth idea is easy. Write a short paragraph explaining what your myth is and how it might be tested. On the Discovery Channel website, submit your myth via the comments box that says "Join the Discussion." You will then need to log in using one of the well-known social media sites. Once you have logged in, hit "post" to submit your idea. If you want to contact the show by mail, write to "Mythbusters," Beyond Productions, 1268 Missouri Street, San Francisco, CA 94107.

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