How to Stream Music

If you're like most music lovers, you've probably spent a considerable amount of time building up your music collection. Yet when you're on the road and don't have an iPod with your entire collection on it, you're not able to access all of the great music you've acquired. What can you do? Well, you can take the route of streaming the music online so that you can listen to it anywhere you have an internet collection.

Purchase a domain through a domain registrar such as GoDaddy or Your domain will be the place where you go to hear your music once you've uploaded it. You can purchase virtually any type of domain (.com, .net or even .info).

Purchase web hosting (server storage) and link your domain and web hosting together. The web host you sign up with will tell you exactly how to do this. When purchasing web hosting, it's important to pick the plan that meets your needs, so if you're planning on storing and streaming many gigabytes of music, you'll probably want a plan that is $10 per month rather than $3.99 per month.

Download and install an FTP program that you'll use to access your web site. There are many free FTP programs on the Internet, including Filezilla and FreeFTP, so just pick one that fits what you need.

Upload the music to your web site via the FTP program. This is done by logging into your server using the program and then dragging the music files from your computer to the web site. Depending on how much music you're storing and how fast the server is, this process can take several hours to complete. It's recommended that you upload the music to a specific folder on the web site rather than the main directory, as this will help you to avoid unsolicited listeners.

Download and install a streaming program. One common choice is Icecast, as it makes it easy for people to link the program and the music on the server together, though just about any streaming program will do.

Add in your music to the streaming program and, if prompted, add in a password which will be required anytime you attempt to listen to the music from your server. This will prevent getting into trouble with the RIAA and record labels for sharing music online, as no one will be able to access it but you.

Go to the directory of your web site that you've uploaded the music to. If you see a program on there that has all your music in it, then you've successfully streamed your music online. If not, go back a couple of steps and make sure you're doing everything according to how the streaming program instructs you to.


  • Be careful with sharing online. The RIAA has cracked down on those who share music online, so it's a good idea to make sure your music is inaccessible online by anyone but you. Uploading the music to a hidden directory, as well as requiring password authentication, is a good way of doing this.