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How to Find Music on My Hard Drive

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Finding music files on a computer hard drive can be troublesome. Files can be downloaded to obscure folders, making them all but impossible to track down without the right information. Fortunately, with some basic information on the type of file being downloaded, newer operating systems make finding rogue files easier than ever.

Finding Music Files on a PC

In the bottom left corner of the PC screen, click the icon that appears as the Window's logo. This will bring up a menu for the computer's program lists, computer components and driver applications. There should also be a listing for "music" on the right side of the opened menu. Click this link to bring up the music library that already exists on the computer. This will be preloaded music if no other downloaded music exists on the personal computer.

Examine the files found in the music library. All music files will be represented by their respective file name ending in ".mp3." Search the library using this criterion to identify if any music files are present in this particular folder. When in doubt, click on the file to see if the computer brings up any music-playback software that would identify the file as a music file.

Return to the previous menu by re-clicking on the Windows logo at the bottom left corner of the computer screen. At the bottom of the menu will be an empty search bar signified by a magnifying glass icon. Single click into this space to bring up a cursor. Type ".mp3" into the blank space provided. This will commence a search of the computer's hard drive for any remaining music files that were not found in the computer's music library.

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