How to Start an Entertainment Company

So, you have a great group of talented people all around you. After graduating film school or simply working on their first film project, many wish to start an entertainment company of their own. Well, it is possible to do this. You can start an entertainment company to produce your own films, television shows or theater. The limits are only what you place on it and what you can bargain and fund raise! Get started today.

Decide what you want the focus of your company to be. The companies that succeed are the companies that have a clear focus. You can branch out later on, but you should initially pick a specialty. Make it something where you have a niche in the market and make sure that you are not copying the idea of others.

Create a motto and statement for your business. This should be a specific paragraph that targets what you truly want your company to represent and become.

Create a business plan. This should detail how you plan to execute your ideas and projects. Make sure to include the mission statement within the plan, and branch out to state the goals of your company. Call all those that you want to work with in the company, and get everybody's information and possible actions within the business plan. You will need this for many things pertaining to your business. They offer a free and thorough guide to writing a business plan.

Select projects for your company. If you are a screenwriter, make sure you have one or two projects ready to prep and produce. You should make sure you have a reason for being for your company before taking it further. Nothing could be messier than a project that gets financing, yet is incomplete.

Incorporate your business. You can do this by going to a lawyer, by filing it with your state or by using a site such as Legal Zoom. Legal Zoom does charge a fee, which can get hefty with add-ons, but it is probably cheaper and easier than going the lawyer route. You could choose a sole proprietorship or LLC instead of you would prefer. It's all up to you, and seek professional advice if you have serious doubts on which road to take.

Register the domain name of your business. There are many websites that will help you with this, but one of quality is Premier Website Solutions. It's a small business, but it offers a great deal. There is a private registration option for no extra charge. See the Resources section for a link.

Obtain financing for your business. This is crucial. It takes money to make money and, in the film business, it can take a lot of money to make money through a film. You can get financing through a bank, investors, or perhaps even stock holders. Re-read your business plan to make sure it is perfect, and get busy.


  • Be patient and persistent. It takes a lot of work to create an entertainment company, and it can take time to get a real production off the ground. It can be done and it is worth the wait.


  • Don't go into business without making a business plan. It will be impossible to get partners or financing without a clear business plan.