How to Start a Creative Writing Club

Do people tell you that you have a way with words? Maybe you find yourself simply fascinated with the way you can string words together to communicate with others. If you consider writing to be an interesting hobby, you might enjoy surrounding yourself with other people who share your passion. Why not start a creative writing club? Starting a creative writing club is easy and it is guaranteed to be a lot of fun.

Get the word out. Spread the word about your interest in starting a creative writing club before you even begin to organize the club itself. Starting early in sharing your idea with other people will give you plenty of time to find people who will be interested in joining. To attract attention, use word of mouth and consider asking for permission to hang flyers in places like the library, the book store and perhaps a local college or university. Be sure to include your email or phone number on the flyer.

Set up the basics of your club. Where will meetings be held? How often will meetings be held? Will you and the other members take turns hosting the meetings? Will you serve food? Answering these questions is crucial to getting your club off the ground. Nothing has to be set in stone, but people who may be interested in your club will want a general idea of what to expect if they decide to join.

Create an agenda. Make a list of the various types of writing you would like to explore during the first year of your creative writing club. The list can change, but at least you'll have something to guide you if you get stumped for ideas. This list will come in handy when it is time to plan specific meetings.

Write up a plan to determine how your meetings will be conducted. Consider a sequence of events like this: 5-10 minutes of free-writing in a journal, discussion of anything noteworthy that might have developed in journal writing, a discussion of a specific type of writing that you'll all be trying, 30-40 minutes of independent writing time, and another 30-40 minutes for sharing and collaboration.

Contact the people who have expressed an interest in joining your creative writing club to set up the first official meeting.