How to Start a Band

Start a Band

How to Start a Band. Many young people throughout the world hold on to the dream of starting their own band. If you are serious about the band, dedicated to its success and follow the steps below, you and your friends will have a band in no time.

Decide what kind of music your band will play. Most young people seem to be geared toward rock, alternative and some country. This type of music should be what you listen to the most and what you know the most about.

Find band members. If you are interested in starting a band, chances are you have several friends with the same interest and you will not have to look any further than your school or group of friends to find the rest of your band members.

Determine what instruments will be included in your band. A band is not complete without a drumset and bass guitar. However, most successful bands today include a bass guitar, regular guitar, drum set and a key board. You will also need to decide who the lead singer will be.

Find a place for your band to practice. If you have an empty room in your house or know of someone with a basement, this would be the best place to practice. You want to be sure it is not in an area that will cause a disturbance among the neighbors.

Choose a name for the band. Usually these names are very random and they do not have to make sense. This name should be a collective agreement among the whole band.

Make a playlist of the songs that you and your band will perform. This list should be no longer than 5 songs until each member of the band is comfortable with them.

Practice. The only way you and the band will get better is to practice. Once you have each of your songs perfected to your preference, try writing original songs.

Promote your band. Take pictures of your band in different settings, make a recording of your band playing, write a biography of the band, and send all this information to different clubs, bars and recording labels in the three states surrounding your state.

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