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How to: SRT File to PS3

SRT subtitles files are not supported on the PlayStation 3; if you try to add one to the console via USB, the file won't even display in the XMB. However, you can watch videos from your computer with your SRT subtitles by using the PS3 Media Server, a free cross-platform program that delivers media to your PS3 over your home network. The PS3 Media Server not only reads SRT files for playback, but can also transcode and play file types that are not natively supported on the PS3. t

Add your SRT file to the same directory as your video file. Change the name of the SRT file so that it's identical to the video file name. If the name is different, the PS3 won't register it as an external subtitle file.

Download the PS3 Media Server and extract the files to your computer. Once installed, turn on your PS3 and log into your user account before starting the server on your computer. After a minute the PS3 Media Server should say that your PS3 has been found. If it hasn't, confirm that you have media server support turned on by going to Settings and selecting "Network Settings." Go to "Media Server Connection" and choose "Enabled." Go back to the Video menu on the XMB and choose "Search for Media Servers" if your server isn't listed as an option under Video already.

Open the media server, which will display a white icon with a picture of a PS3 console followed by the name "PS3 Media Server [Computer Name]," and navigate to the folder where you saved your video and subtitle files. If your video name is appended with "{External Subtitles}" then the media server is registering the SRT file for that video. If it doesn't, double check on your computer that the file names are the same. If they aren't, change the name and restart your server

Click the video to start playback. Subtitles will appear without any necessary prompting.


You can change the default options for external subtitles in the PS3 Media Server by going to the "Transcoding Settings" tab and selecting "MEncoder" from the left sidebar. You can specify an isolated subtitles folder if you'd rather save them all in the same place, toggle whether or not the subtitles auto-load and even change the language priority, if you have subtitles in several different languages.


  • Subtitles cannot be managed using the regular PS3 video playback menu options.
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