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How to Sing Karaoke on the PS3

If you are a fan of karaoke, but are too afraid to venture out in public, you can try a karaoke game that you can play in the privacy of your own home. Singstar for the Playstation is the perfect opportunity for people to showcase their singing skills. Singstar has been touted as being one of the best karaoke games ever developed.

Purchase the Singstar game from a video game retailer. The Singstar game comes with the game, a mic and the converter to use with the mic.

Plug in the converter to the USB port on your PS3 system. You then plug in the Singstar mic into the converter.

Choose a song from the provided list. There are dozens of songs to choose from, including performers like George Michael and Destiny's Child. You can also access hundreds of titles from the PS3 online store.

Unlock new songs and outfits as you play. The more that you play and the better that you get at the game, the more "unlockables" you will be able to access through the PS3 system.

Consider adding Karaoke Revolution to your gaming collection. Even if you buy the Playstation 2 version, it is still playable on your PS3. Karaoke Revolution works the same basic way; you use a mic to sing along to the songs played over the system.

Use the Eyetoy along with the Singstar or Karaoke Revolution game. The Eyetoy allows you to perform karaoke with your own scanned face appearing on the screen.


There is a party mode that you can use on Singstar and Karaoke Revolution that is ideal for throwing a karaoke themed party.

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