How to Sew a Stuffed Cow Pattern

cow. cow in farm/field image by L. Shat from

Things You'll Need

  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Cow print fabric
  • Cow pattern
  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Polyester fiberfill

Some of the best gifts are those that are handcrafted and made with a specific person in mind. Whether sewing for a beloved family member or a sick child in this hospital, this cow project will surely brighten someone's day. With the large variety of cow print fabrics available in the fabric stores, you can easily churn out a new stuffed animal in the color and pattern a child will love. Completion time for this project is two to three hours.

Choose a cow print fabric from your local fabric store. While in the fabric store, browse the pattern section for a cow pattern you can use. You will probably find that cow patterns are a bit hard to find. Don’t overlook the teddy bear pattern though. A few edits to the face and, like magic, that teddy bear is now a cow. The arms, legs and body pieces of the teddy bear pattern are perfect for a cow. Depending on the pattern, the only adjustment to the head would be the ears. Reshape the other face features as necessary.

Cut out the pattern pieces. It is a good idea to store the cut pieces in a zip-top bag so they won’t get misplaced later.

Place the cut pattern pieces onto the fabric usually with right sides of the fabric together. Double-check the pattern instructions to be sure. Cut the fabric carefully.

Mark all the opening and centers with a marking pen or pins. This will make placement of the pieces much easier once you begin sewing. Check sewing instructions for seam allowances.

Sew the pattern pieces together with right sides together following pattern instructions. Leave a small hole toward the end.

Trim all visible stray threads and stuff with polyester fiberfill. Sew up the hole.

(Optional) Give your project some charm by adding a little bell to the neck. Detail the face with eye beads, an embroidered nose and a piece of red felt for the tongue. These materials are available in craft stores for a few dollars. Fabric scraps could be used to design a T-shirt or shorts for the new stuffed animal, or you could give the cow some funky, colorful spots.


  • If you're artistic and/or want to make a project for a kid, use pictures to draw a very simple silhouette of a cow, sew it so the thread can be seen around the edges, and let the kid stuff it.