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How to Sew a Button in the Center of a Decorative Pillow

Decorative pillows can set the tone in a room. They allow the rooms décor to be versatile and flexible. A decorative pillow can be simple in style or a more tailored pillow can be displayed. Large pillows look tailored with a button in the center. They add a focal point to a chair or sofa. Oversized, small or medium pillows are more interesting with a single button in the center.

Things You'll Need:

  • Tufting Twine
  • Two Decorative Buttons With Shank
  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Long Upholstery Needle

Measure the center of the pillow. Mark the center.

Measure and mark the center of the other side of the pillow.

Insert the tufting twine through the eye of the long upholstery needle.

Insert the needle through the mark on the front of the pillow. Bring it out the mark on the back side of the pillow. Make sure these marks line up.

Place the shank of the button onto the needle. Allow it to slide down to the mark on the pillow.

Insert the needle through the mark on the back side of the pillow. Bring it through the front mark. This places the needle beside the entrance twine.

Pull through the needle and twine. Slide the second button with the shaft on the needle down to the pillow.

Pull the twine through until the button on the back side is tight against the pillow. It should sink into the pillow a bit.

Insert the needle into the front mark beside the entrance twine. Exit through the back mark. Pull the twine tight. Both buttons should sink in until they appear as though the shafts are touching.

Bring the needle through the hole in the button shaft, then into the fabric and out the back side. Pull tight.

Repeat about four times. Make sure the twine passes through the bottons' shanks.

Tie the knots close to the shaft, hiding it from view.

Clip the twine.


If you can't find tufting twine, double a cotton embroidery floss.

Add tassels to your button tuft pillows. Tassels the same color of the pillow are attractive. Contrasting tassels make bold statements.


  • Choose a button size that looks good on the pillow. Match the style of button to the fabric. Do not put a casual button on an expensive fabric.
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