How to Set Up an SD Card for Use With a PS3

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Things You'll Need

  • SD card
  • USB adapter (for late model PS3s)
  • PC, in order to format SD card

The PlayStation 3 home video game console supports the use of removable media for files transfer. Music, videos, photos, game saves and other forms of media can be copied to removable media connected to a PS3, including SD cards. Depending on the model of PlayStation 3 you are using, there are different methods for enabling removable media. The original 60 and 80 GB models of the PS3 featured built-in media readers, allowing for SD card, Memory Stick Pro Duo and CompactFlash removable media to be formatted for use with the PS3. For other models of the PlayStation 3, a USB adapter must be purchased for use with the SD card or other type of removable media and the media must be properly formatted on a PC.

Setting Up a SD Card Inserted Into a PS3

Insert the SD card into the media reader on the PS3.

Highlight "System Settings" from the PS3 "Settings" menu and press the "X" button.

Highlight "Format Utility" from the list of options available and press the "X" button. Select the SD card from the list of memory devices detected and press the "X" button. The PS3 will format the SD card for use with the console. Once the process is complete, files can be transferred to and from the SD card using the PS3.

Using SD Cards with a PS3 Using a USB Adapter

Insert the SD card into your PC. Locate the card on your PC, usually found in the "My Computer" menu of Windows operating systems, and click on the SD card icon to open it.

Create new folders on the SD card using the process avaialable for your operating system. Windows operating systems involve right-clicking inside the SD card window, highlighting "New" and clicking "Folder." Name the folders according to the type of media you wish to transfer using the SD card. Examples of folder titles include VIDEO, MUSIC, PHOTO and PS3. Ensure that you use capital letters when naming the folders, in order for them to be recognized by the PS3 (see reference 1).

Remove the SD card safely from your PC using the process provided by your operating system.

Insert the SD card into the USB adapter.

Insert the SD card and USB adapter into your PS3's USB port. The card will be automatically recognized by the console and can be used to transfer files to and from the PS3.