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How to Set Up an Astro A40 to a PS3

The Astro A40 audio system features a full-size adjustable headset with integrated microphone, 7.1 Dolby Surround sound capability, quick cable disconnects, analog RCA inputs and a digital optical port. The A40 audio system also includes the MixAmp digital control module, allowing the user to make audio adjustments on the fly. Connecting the Astro A40 audio system to your PlayStation 3 game console is an easy task that only takes a few minutes to perform.

Turn off the PlayStation 3 game console.

Connect the USB cable supplied with the audio system from an available USB port on the PS3 to the USB port found on the bottom of the MixAmp control module.

Connect the red and white analog SCART cables leading from the game console to the corresponding RCA inputs located on the bottom of the MixAmp. If you do not wish to use the PS3's analog audio outputs, connect a digital optical cable to the game system's rear optical port and connect the remaining cable end to the MixAmps “TOS” port.

Connect the headset cable to the “Headset” port, located on the top of the MixAmp.

Put on the headset and turn on the PS3, followed by the Astro A40 audio system.

Highlight the “Settings” menu, using the game controller. Navigate to the “Sound Settings” menu option and press the “X” button. Choose “Audio Output Settings” and select “Digital Out” or “SCART” option, according to your particular setup.

Check the box next to “Dolby Digital 5.1 Ch” and save the setting. Exit “Sound Settings” and enter the “Accessory Settings” menu.

Navigate to the “ Audio Device Settings” menu and press the “X” button. Select “ASTRO Gaming USB MixAmp” as the primary input and output microphone device.

Speak into the microphone to test the sound levels. Adjust the sound levels as necessary. Begin a gaming session and make the necessary headphone sound level adjustments, using the MixAmp controls to finish the process.

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