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How to Make a PS3 Controller Vibrate on Command

PS3 controllers have a vibration function you can turn on and off.
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The designers of video games, an interactive medium, have created several devices for bringing players into the game world, including the vibration function. Controllers vibrate so the player can experience the feeling of events in the game world, such as explosions. You can turn the PS3 controller on vibrate on command.

Turn on the PlayStation 3 and select the "Settings" tab in the main menu.

Select "Accessory Settings" from the Settings menu.

Scroll down to "Vibration Function" and press "X" on the controller. Select "On" and press "X" to confirm.

Insert a PS3 game into the system. Go to the "Game" tab in the main menu and load the game. While in the game, press the "PS" button on the controller to bring up the menu. Select "Controller Settings" and "Vibration Function" to vibrate the controller or turn the vibration off.

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