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How to Set Up a Playstation 2

Setting up your PlayStation 2 is simply a process of finding the right place to plug in all the cords.
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Even if you have plenty of experience with electronics, setting up a video game system can be a trying process. When you're looking to set up and plug in a PlayStation 2, the best thing you can do is be organized, since cords and cables can tangle and wrap around each other, making the whole process more difficult than necessary. As soon as you have your PlayStation 2 system, cords and controller separated from each other, you're ready to start hooking the system up to your television.

Things You'll Need:

  • Television
  • Playstation 2

Lay out all the cords and your PlayStation 2 system separately, so it will be easy to find each individual piece. Plug the color-coded plugs into the same-colored jacks on your TV. Look on both the back and front of the TV, as the jacks may be on either side. Insert the AV cable into the back of your PS2, in the slot labeled "AV Multi Out."

Find the AC adaptor. Identify this cord by the "8.5v" and "AC Adaptor" written on it. Plug the adaptor into the slot on your PlayStation 2 labelled "DC IN 8.5V," which you can find on the back of the machine. Plug the other side into a wall outlet.

Find the controller. Plug it into the corresponding spot on the front of the PlayStation 2 machine. Look at the plug and make sure the side that says "Sony" is facing up, or the plug will not fit into the machine.

Place the system in an area with plenty of space. Move the system away from any tight spaces as the PlayStation 2 needs good airflow to keep itself cool. Keep the system away from any edges so it isn't pulled off, potentially damaging it.

Turn on your TV to see if the system is working. Change your television to the proper input, which will vary depending on the television. Look for buttons on your remote or TV that say "input," "AUX" or "Video 1." Flip through the channels until you find the proper one.


Play around with your TV's settings to get the optimal video and audio settings that best suit you as a gamer.


  • If you have a mono TV, do not plug in the red jack of the AV cord. Do not move the system while it plays, as this might damage the disc inside.
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