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USB Ports Are Not Working on a PS2

You can add USB connection ports onto a PS2 gaming platform.
close up game pad blue image by Warren Millar from Fotolia.com

The Sony PlayStation 2 comes with two serial connection ports, allowing you to hook up memory cards and PS1 or PS2 game controllers. However, it's possible to convert the serial connection to a USB port, with the help of an adapter. If the adapter is not functioning correctly, you need to troubleshoot the USB connection to determine what is causing the problems.

Inspect the adapter connection into the PS2 for looseness and tighten any loose connections. The serial adapter must be connected completely to the PS2. If the adapter is not inserted completely, the gaming device is unable to detect the equipment.

Spray compressed air into the serial connection port on the PS2. If dust and other debris sticks into this connection, the PS2 is unable to read connected equipment.

Hook up only Sony based serial-to-USB adapters. Some third-party devices don't work or stop functioning soon after purchase with the PS2.

Connect all equipment before powering on the Sony PS2. If the equipment is on before hooking up the hardware, the PS2 may not detect the serial-to-USB adapter.

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