How to Sell Handmade Greeting Cards on Etsy

greeting card and sexy gift/surprise for a woman image by L. Shat from

Things You'll Need

  • Greeting cards
  • Digital camera
  • Background for photos
  • Photo software

Etsy is an online market place for handmade and vintage (20 or more years old) items. Selling handmade greeting cards on Etsy provides a means of marketing to more than 150 countries.

Starting and Selling on Etsy

Go to the Etsy site and look at the shops offering greeting cards to see what is available. Note such things as the names that Etsy sellers use, how they display their cards, the price ranges and how your cards differ from what is being offered.

Take pictures of the greeting cards that you will list on Etsy. The customer should be able to see the quality of your card's art. The picture itself should be able to answer many potential customer questions. Format the pictures one of two ways: adjust the picture to a width of 570 pixels while keeping the aspect ratio; or (to have more detail when someone clicks to enlarge the picture) submit an image ranging from 800 to 1,000 pixels in width, while maintaining the aspect ratio.

Make a list of key words to describe the greeting cards. Do an online search for the type of cards to be listed. Make a list of the key words being used.

Write a description for each greeting card. Use a combination of the key words from the list that you made to describe the cards and the key online search words. Point out the benefits (how it can help the person buying the card) and features (physical description). Include the history of the card, how and why you created it. Also create a profile for your Etsy store.

Go to the Etsy website and open an account. The account automatically starts as a buyer account. Change this to a seller account. Upload your profile.

Upload the pictures of the greeting cards. Place the description of each card with its corresponding picture.

Promote the Etsy store. Online, tell people about the shop through a variety of places such as forum participation, blogs and social media sites like Facebook. Offline, use traditional marketing such as newspapers, magazines and word of mouth.


  • If you have a scanner you can use it to input images of your cards instead of taking pictures with a camera.