How to Seal Ink on Ceramic Tiles

spray image by Dragana Petrovic from

Things You'll Need

  • Drop cloth
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Clear acrylic spray paint

Most people think of floors, countertops and walls when they think of ceramic tiles. However, many crafters use ceramic tiles to create beautiful pieces of artwork for homes and offices. The ceramic tiles are often adorned with vinyl or ink. Vinyl holds up well but ceramic tiles that are decorated with ink can smudge or become ruined. Sealing the ink on the ceramic tiles protects the decorative patterns from becoming damaged. The process of sealing the ink is a simple one to do when you know how to start.

Place a drop cloth on the floor or a workbench in a well-ventilated area.

Set the ceramic tiles on the drop cloth with the ink side facing up. Space the tiles approximately two inches from one another.


Hold a can of clear acrylic spray about two feet above the ceramic tiles. Spray the tiles at this height, working in quick sweeping motions. This should leave the tiles with a light coat of clear acrylic on them. You do not want a heavy coat because the ink can smear or bleed. Let the thin coat of acrylic dry for fifteen minutes.