How to Rubber Stamp Wood Crafts

handmade candle box. image by Tom Oliveira from

Things You'll Need

  • Fine grit sandpaper
  • Dry rag
  • Rubber stamp
  • Ink pad

Whether you have just made your own wood craft like a homemade shelf or jewelry box, or if you have just purchased an unfinished wood object to decorate, stamps are a way to transfer perfect images to your project. Stamps can transfer images, words or decorative shapes directly onto the porous surface of bare wood. Add some personalization to your wooden crafts before sealing them or displaying them.

Sand the area of the wood where you want to place the stamp. This will help to even the surface, as well as remove any oils that could prevent the ink from soaking into the wood.

Dust the object off with a dry rag to remove the sanding dust completely.

Press you rubber stamp into the ink pad (there are many colors available) and then press it onto the surface of the wood, exactly where you want the design to appear. Do not move it or allow any twisting while the stamp is in contact with the wood, this will cause a smear.

Pull the stamp straight out and off of the wood object once you have placed it. Your image should appear in the color of ink you chose for your stamp.