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How to Display Postage Stamps

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Rather than keeping them hidden in an album or box, display stamps from your prized stamp collection in a matted frame. Framed stamps from a collection are an interesting visual element in any home or office. The framed stamps show off the time and care you have put into the collection and exhibit and teach others about the history embodied in the stamps. Purchase matted frames inexpensively from an art supply store or a large department store.

Plan a theme and a composition. Base themes on country of origin, historical period, stamp classification (such as commemorative), subject matter, or a personal story or experience. Or, make interesting and unexpected juxtapositions of differing stamps. For a composition, make a tight grid of many stamps or a single line of just a few stamps. You can also make a circle, pyramid or a diagonal.

Separate the backing from the frame.

Trace the shape of the backing onto a piece of white mat board.

Cut the section of mat board with a craft knife and a straight edge.

Measure and lightly mark the points on the mat board where the stamps will be affixed.

Place the stamps in individual stamp mount sleeves. Wet the adhesive backing on the back of the stamp mounts and stick them in place.

Insert the mat board into the frame behind the matting, and replace the backing on the frame.

Things You'll Need:

  • Frame with matting
  • Mat board
  • Pencil
  • Craft knife
  • Stamp mount sleeves


  • Use a mat between the stamps and the glass in the frame. If the stamps come into contact with the glass it can eventually cause discoloration. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can also cause discoloration. Do not hang your framed stamps in direct sunlight. The glass can also be swapped out with a section of UV filtering acrylic sheeting for extra protection.
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