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How to Identify the Maker of Wood Carvings

If you see these at a park, you may want to contact the artists to get your own original.
wood carving image by Tom Curtis from Fotolia.com

It is not uncommon that a work of art such as a beautiful wood carving will catch the eye of a passerby. It is also not uncommon that a person will want to know who created the artwork, either because they are interested in purchasing art from the artist or just from pure curiosity. How to go about identifying an artist will vary depending upon where and how you saw it, but fortunately it may not be too difficult because most artists want to be known for their work.

Ask someone who may know. If a wood carving in a store catches your eye, ask the owner where he acquired the piece. Chances are he either acquired it directly from the artist or online through the artist's website. The store owner should be able to provide you with valuable information about who created the art and how you may contact that artist.

Check for a signature. The artist may have signed her piece. Once you find her name you can further research the artist online. Just about all artists have their own website.

Attend gallery openings. Check local gallery openings in your area specializing in woodcarvings. At an opening the artist will be present to display his work.

Research online. This is especially helpful if you know the name of the piece for which you hope to identify the artist.

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