How to Roll Yarn From a Skein

How to Roll Yarn From a Skein. Many people who knit and crochet prefer to roll their yarn into balls before beginning their projects. Many claim that it allows them to become familiar with the yarn and even has a calming effect. It also prevents the yarn from knotting up as well, which will sometimes happen if using it directly from the skein. The following will show you how to wind a ball of yarn from a skein.

Wind the yarn into a figure eight around your index finger and thumb a few times to get the yarn started. Keep going until you have about an inch of rolled yarn on your fingers.

Discontinue the figure 8 and simply wrap the yarn around the fingers loosely until you've formed an oblong ball.

Remove your fingers from the yarn, turn the ball so the oblong part is horizontal and continue wrapping loosely.

Turn the ball slightly when it starts looking more evenly distributed and wind again.

Wind one section for a while then turn the ball just slightly and wind again. Keep doing this as you wind to make the ball evenly shaped. Do this until the entire skein is in a nice round ball.

Tuck the loose end of yarn under the last few wraps to keep it from unraveling.


Wind all the yarn you will need for a project ahead of time so you don't have to stop in the middle to wind up a color you need.


Don't wind the yarn too tightly, you could stretch it out and ruin the yarn.

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