How to Restore the Shape of a Floppy Hat

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For many people, hats can make or break an outfit. They are articles of clothing used by men and women to accessorize an ensemble or to protect themselves from the elements. Well-worn or old hats can become misshapen. They can become floppy with use, or they can lose their shape stuffed at the back of a closet, temporarily forgotten until the next time they are wanted.

Bring a kettle of water to a boil.

Turn down the heat, maintaining a steady stream of steam from the spout.


Allow the steam to penetrate through the misshapen areas of the hat.


Remove the hat from the steam after 30 seconds, and use your hands to rework the shape.


Let your hat dry.


  • After applying steam, you can also put your hat on an upside-down flower pot to help restore its shape.


  • Do not iron your hat.