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How to Do Cool Hat Tricks

Grab a hat and go for it.
hats 1. image by mdb from Fotolia.com

If you wear a hat, maximize its usage and learn some tricks. There may not be any hat scholarships out there, but it is worth learning for no other reason than for fun. If you take an hour, learn some tricks and master them, you will be on your way to impressing all your friends.

Start with an easy one. Put your middle finger and thumb on the underside of the brim and your index finger on top to grip the hat. Flip the hat 180 degrees with a light flick of the thumb on the brim. Now you're holding the hat the same but it has flipped 180 degrees. This is a trick to be worked into intermediate and advanced tricks that has a nice visual element when done quickly.

Roll the hat across your chest to your other hand. Hold the hat by the brim with both arms extended in full wingspan position. Flip the hat so it rolls from your arm across the torso to the other arm and then to the hand. Ideally the hat will not be in the air but have contact with you body nearly the whole time. You will have to adjust your catching arm to control the hat.

Try a hat stall. Hold the cap by the brim with your thumb under the brim and your other four fingers on top. Flip the hat upwards so the brim rotates from being held under your fingers to resting on top of them. The hat essentially does a vertical 180, so when it is resting on your fingers it is upside down. Let the hat stall there for a moment and reverse the movements so it ends up where it started.

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