How to Reset the Play Count in iTunes

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • iTunes

ITunes is great for making playlists; however, sometimes you may have a song you only want to hear occasionally. If you want to control your songs and playlist better, reset the play count in iTunes. Resetting the play count is a simple process, and helps better manage your iTunes for a more enjoyable listening experience.

Turn on your computer and open iTunes.

Click the "Library" icon, located in the "Source" pane on the left of the iTunes window.


From the "Edit" menu, select "View Options."

Uncheck all other selection boxes except "Artist," "Album" and "Play Count," then click the "OK" button.


Click the "Play Count" or "Plays" column heading in your music library. You want the listing so it has the most played songs at the top of the lists, then declining in number of plays as the list goes down.


Select the song or songs for which you would like to reset the play count, then right-click -- or "Control"-click for Macs -- and choose "Reset Play Count."


Press the "Yes" button to confirm the reset.


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