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How to Reset a PS3 Password

The PlayStation 3 has numerous security features, such as video game and Web-browsing parental controls. You can control these types of security, which are often used to deter children or roommates from accessing unwanted media, with the use of a password. However, you can bypass this password by restoring the system to its default settings. Performing these steps restores all user data and resets the password to 0000.

Turn on your PS3 and log into the player profile that you wish to restore. The restore process will only affect the profile that is logged in.

Press the PlayStation button on the controller to access the XrossMediaBar.


Navigate to "Settings."

Choose "System Settings" from the "Settings" drop-down list.


Choose "Restore System Settings" and confirm the action in the resulting prompt. Do not turn off the console during this process or you could damage the software.


Log back into the player profile and go to "Settings" again.


Navigate to "Security Settings" and go to "Change password." Notice that the password is now 0000.


Change the password to your desired numeric code.


If you know the password, you can change it through the "Security Settings" menu.

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