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How to Repair a Baseball Card

baseball image by Tomasz Plawski from Fotolia.com

Baseball cards are popular traded assets that people keep as prized possessions for years. Cards come in different types such as rookie, regular, All-Star, limited edition and Hall of Fame. A baseball card has its highest value when in its top condition (no marks or scratches, no bending, no dampness or mold). The value of a card can go down drastically when something bad happens to it.

Things You'll Need:

  • Sunlight
  • Piece Of Cardboard
  • Scotch Tape
  • Damaged Baseball Card

Evaluate the Baseball Card

Look at the card to see where it is damaged. Is it on the back, front or both sides? Determine where the flaws are on the card. If there are bent edges or dampness, go to step two. If the card is ripped, go to step three.

To repair a wet baseball card with bent edges or mold, lay a piece of cardboard outside where sunlight is shining on it. Place the baseball card on the cardboard. Bend the edges of the card back to normal if they are bent. Make sure the baseball card is getting an ample supply of sunlight and that it has a small, slightly heavy object atop it to keep it from blowing away. Let the card sit outside in the sun for about an hour. Check on it about every 15 minutes to see if it has dried. If not, wait another 15 minutes and check again. Normally it will take about one hour for a card to dry. After the card dries, it should look as good as new.

If your card is ripped or torn, get a roll of scotch tape. Tape from the back of the card, where the player's statistics are, across the rip to seal it back to normal. Use one piece of scotch tape for every rip or tear that is on the card. Once done taping, your card should be in one piece again.

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