How to Print a Photo Collage

Printing a photo collage is quick and simple
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You can print up photo collages and give them as gifts to family and friends, and you can also frame and hang them up in your home. You can create and print collages using free software that you download to your computer. Printing your collages using your home printer is quick and easy, and it can be done in minutes. Printing using a printing company gives you more options for printing on larger paper than a home printer can. When printing your collage, you can adjust the layout and border and print according to your personal preference.

Printing a photo collage is quick and simple
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Things You'll Need

  • Printer Ink
  • Picasa Software
  • Flash Drive
  • Printer
  • Photo Paper
  • Digital Photos
  • Computer

Printing a Photo Collage Using a Home Printer

Install the appropriate ink cartridges to your printer and check the ink levels to ensure you’ll have enough ink to print your collages.

Load the photo paper into the printer tray and read the instructions to ensure the photo paper is right side up so the collage prints to the glossy side.

Download free software like Picasa to organize, edit and print your digital photos. (See Resource for link.)

Import your photos to Picasa and select the photos you would like to use in your photo collage to print. Click "Create" and scroll down to "Picture Collage" to create your collage.

Once you have created your collage, click the "Print" option. Here you can customize your collage to your liking and choose the print layout you prefer. You can also add borders and text to your work and shrink the collage if it’s too big to print. You can also adjust the paper size and print quality of your collage.

Select "Review" to preview your collage and to make any changes before you print your collage to your home printer.

Select "Print" to print your collage.

How to Print a Photo Collage Using a Printing Company

Save the collage you created in Picasa to a flash drive or email it to yourself so you can upload the collage at the printing company to print on larger paper.

Inform the associate of the printing company the paper size and paper type you would like to print your collage on so they can prepare the printer.

Upload your collage from your flash drive or email using an available computer at the printing company and prepare your collage to print.

Select "Print" so your collage can print at the specified printer.