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What Kind of Paper to Print Photo Calendars?

Turn photographs into calendar pages.
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Digital photography has given anyone the chance to take, edit and print photos without professional assistance. However, to get the best possible results, it is imperative to use both a good quality printer and paper. Selecting the right paper to print your photos can help you create a calendar you will enjoy all year long.


There are four main types of finishes for photographic paper: glossy, matte, art and canvas paper. The type of paper you choose will depend on the style of the photographs in the calendar and the overall effect you desire. Glossy and semi-glossy paper will give your calendar bright colors, but can be very reflective. Matte paper emphasizes dark colors, so it is useful for photographs with fine detail and texture. Art paper has a matte finish but with some texture, so will make your photographs look more like paintings. Canvas paper is not as suitable for calendars due its rough texture.


Some paper contains artificial brighteners to make the paper bright white. These types of papers may begin to turn yellow after even just a few weeks, changing the color of your photos. This doesn't cause problems if your calendar uses one picture per month, but if you wish to prolong the use of your photos, it is better to avoid paper with whitening agents.


The caliper, or thickness, of the paper is very important for prints used in calendars to avoid rips and tears caused by handling. A stiffer paper will be more resistant to creases that can deface the images. Photographic paper usually measures between seven and 10 mils in thickness. For printing calendars, it is a good idea to choose paper with around nine or 10 mils.


Usually, paper at a higher cost will be of a higher quality, but buying from respected brands will also ensure that you get good quality paper. Well-known brands that sell high quality paper include Epson, HP and Canon, all of which are widely available in printing stores.


Before printing the images for your calendar, set the printer profile to match the type of paper you are printing on. Many packages of paper have instructions to help with the printer set up.

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