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How to Pretend to Faint

Pretend to Faint

If you are in a play that requires you to faint or you just want to fake out your friends, you should know how to faint realistically without hurting yourself. The following steps will show you how to fake a faint.

Slow down what you are doing. If you are walking, walk slower. If you are talking, talk slower and so forth.

Squint your eyes and blink rapidly. Make a pained look as if you don't feel well and can't focus your eyes.

Announce that you aren't feeling well. Mention to those around you that you are feeling light-headed and dizzy.

Bend your knees gradually. To protect your neck, curve your body forward and tuck your chin toward your chest as you fall. If you are sitting, slide off your seat to the floor.

Roll onto one side of your spine as you fall. Make sure your head lands softly on the ground or floor.

Lie on the ground with your eyes closed. You don't have to lie completely still. Unconscious people do sometimes move and have no control over their limbs.

When recovering, sit up slowly and let those around you help you to your feet. Give yourself some time before you become yourself again. Put your head between your knees as you rest.


You can always fall backwards onto someone who you know will catch you if you are afraid that your fall will look fake. How fast you fall will determine whether your faint looks real or fake. Fall quickly and do not look behind you as you fall.


  • Do not fall directly onto your spine, your hip or your tailbone. Do not smack your head on the ground. Don't hold your breath or you may find yourself with someone on top of you performing CPR. Don't stay out too long or someone is bound to call an ambulance.
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