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How to Plug in a Keyboard on the PS3

Connecting a keyboard to your PS3 will allow you to type at a normal rate.
Keyboard image by S.Q T from Fotolia.com

The PlayStation 3 is a multi-media home video game console produced by electronic powerhouse Sony. In addition to playing video games, you can also watch movies, listen to music and surf the Internet. If you need to type something, Sony provides an on-screen keyboard, which involves using a cursor controlled by the PS3 controller to select letters and numbers. You can also use any full-size keyboard with a USB connection as you would utilize on any home computer.

Things You'll Need:

  • Sony Playstation 3
  • Usb Keyboard

Turn on your PS3. Turn on your console by flipping the switch on the back of the unit, which will illuminated a red LED light on the front. Then run your finger over the touch-sensitive power button on the front right of the unit.

Plug in your keyboard to the PS3. If you have purchased a wireless keyboard, it will have a small unit that plugs directly into the USB outlet, which acts as the transmitter to the keyboard. Look on the left front of the PS3 for the USB port. If you have a wired keyboard, plug it in the same way. The PS3 has a “plug & play” format for most peripherals, and the keyboard should be instantly working. An indicator message will briefly flash in the upper right, indicating that it has detected a connected keyboard, but nothing else needs to be done additionally for it to operate.

Add the keyboard manually. Connecting the keyboard to the PS3 via the USB connector will automatically detect the keyboard. However, on occasion it may automatically format the keyboard for a different language. In this case, go to the PS3 main menu and scroll until you reach "Settings." Scroll down until you reach "Accessory Settings" and press "X" to access it. Scroll down once more until you reach "Keyboard Type." Press "X" to access this and change the type, or language to your proper one, then press "X" once more to finalize the change.

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