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How to Connect a PS2 to Cable TV

The Sony PlayStation 2, like most current video game consoles, connects to a TV set with a special cable that uses the TV's RCA composite (yellow, white and red) ports. Some older TV sets might not have RCA ports, or yours might be using something else. In this case, you can route the console through your cable TV connection. While Sony doesn't actually make it, you can get an adapter switch that will link the PS2 console through the cable's RF coaxial connection. This is the standard connection method used by the older two-dimensional based game consoles.

Things You'll Need:

  • Rca Composite Cables
  • Rf Adapter Switch (For The Ps2)
  • Rf Coaxial Cables

Check the input ports in the back of your cable TV receiver box. If it contains input ports for an RCA composite connection (which uses the yellow, white and red plugs), you're ready to go. Otherwise, you will need an adapter.

Connect the PlayStation 2's regular input-output cable to the console. You need the PS2's special composite cable that has the console's long, thin, rectangular connector (this comes with every console). Connect the RCA plugs to the input ports on the cable box and the other connector to the console.

Purchase an RF adapter switch for the PlayStation 2 which will have a standard PS2 output plug at one end with both a plug and/or port for an RF coaxial connection. This device doesn't come standard with the PS2 but can be purchased at any video game store. RF switches are made specific for each game console, so get one specifically for the PS2.

Attach the RF switch to the PS2 console using the console-made connector plug.

Connect the RF switch through the cable TV in one of two methods. Disconnect the cable attached to the cable box's input, attach that cable to the RF switch's coaxial port and connect the switch's plug to the cable's input port. Or, take the cable linking the cable to the TV, disconnect it at the TV's end, plug that cable to the the RF switch and the switch to the TV.

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