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How to Use Your GT8 With a MIDI

Floor-based processors let you store and modify a range of effects.
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The Boss GT8 is a powerful floor-based multi-effects processor. It has 200 pre-set effects sounds and a further 140 blank patches for you to store your customized tones. One of the benefits of using a multi-effects unit is that you do not transport a large collection of individual effects units around. The GT8 is MIDI enabled, which means you can synchronize it with other MIDI devices. There are multiple potential MIDI applications, including syncing your GT8 to a sequencer or connecting an external MIDI controller so someone else can control your effects while you play.

Things You'll Need:

  • 1 Midi Cable
  • 2 1/4-Inch Jack Instrument Cables

Connect a five-pin MIDI cable to the “MIDI Out” jack on the rear panel of the GT8. Connect the other end of the MIDI cable to the “MIDI In” jack on the external device. MIDI is a universal protocol and is not restricted by brand. This means that devices connected by MIDI automatically recognize each other.

Turn on the GT8, the power button is located on the rear panel. Turn on the connected MIDI device, for example a MIDI sequencer.

Press “System,” then “Parameter” and use the scroll-wheel to move through the parameter menu until you reach “MIDI Clock.”

Press “Enter” and select “Sync Clock Auto.” This configures the GT8 so that it automatically shares time-code information with connected devices.

Press “System” twice and turn the scroll-wheel until you reach “MIDI Bulk Dump.” Press “Enter” to select this function. A “MIDI Bulk Dump” is a mass transfer of command data between the GT8 and the external device. For example, if you are connecting your GT8 to a MIDI controller, the MIDI controller will have sufficient information to remotely change the settings on the GT8. Similarly, this function lets you equip a MIDI sequencer with the same effects and parameters that you have stored on your GT8, effectively letting you use the GT8 as a sequencer effect.

Press “Exit” once the “MIDI Bulk Dump” is completed.

Press “System” and then press “Parameter” repeatedly until you reach “MIDI: Map Select.” Turn the scroll-wheel until “Fix” is highlighted. Then select a bank number by pressing “Parameter.” Pick the first available bank. By storing the MIDI map on a dedicated bank, you configure the Boss GT8 so that you can change effects and their individual parameters using an external MIDI controller.

Press “Exit” once you have stored the MIDI map.

Connect a 1/4-inch jack instrument cable to the “Input” jack. Connect the other end of that cable to your guitar output jack. Connect a second cable to the “Ouput” jack on the GT8. Connect the other end to a guitar amplifier.


If you have a backup GT8 for touring, use the MIDI connection to transport your original settings.

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