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How to Program a Uniden Twin Turbo Sportcat Scanner

Many Nascar fans enjoy learning more about what is going on with the drivers in the middle of a race. The Uniden Twin Turbo Sportcat Scanner allows users to listen in on the drivers as they talk back and forth with their pit crew, enhancing the race experience. If you’re not a race fan, you can use the scanner to listen to any local frequency, such as those used by the police and other emergency personnel. You can program the Sportcat scanner to remember your most often listened to radio frequencies.

Manual Programming

Press the “Manual” button on the scanner.

Enter the channel number that you want to program using the number keypad on the radio and then press the “Manual” button. For example, if you wanted to program channel 36, press 3 > 6 > Manual.

Enter the frequency you want to program by pressing the corresponding buttons on the scanner's keypad, including the decimal point. For example, if you want to save frequency 153.7700, press "1," "5," "3," the decimal point button, "7" and "7." You do not need to input the two zeros; the Sportcat scanner will enter them automatically. The numbers will appear on the scanner’s LCD screen as you press them.

Save the frequency to your selected channel by pressing the “E” button. You will hear a beep if the same frequency is saved to another channel. Press “E” to save the frequency to the second channel or “.” to change the frequency. If “Error” appears on the screen, the frequency is not supported with the scanner. Press “.” to input another frequency.

Search Programming

Hold the “Search/Band” button until “Search” appears on the LCD screen.

Choose the frequency band you want to search by pressing the “Hold” or “Limit” buttons or by rotating the “VFO” control knob and press “Search/Band” to start the search. The scanner will automatically scroll through frequencies in the band you chose and stop when it receives a signal.

Press “Hold” or “Limit” to pause the search when you hear a frequency you want to program.

Enter the channel number you want to use to save the frequency and press “Hold.”

Save the frequency to your selected channel by pressing the “E” button.

Programming Names for the Channels

Enter the channel you want to name and press the “Display/Alert” button.

Press “E” to bring up a flashing horizontal line on the screen next to the channel number. This is the location of the first letter in the name.

Turn the “VFO” control knob to scroll through the numbers and letters.

Switch to the next letter by pressing the “Hold” button. If you need to move back to a previous letter, press the “Limit” button.

Enter the remaining letters in the name and press “E” to save the name to the channel.

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